Full Service – £275

Major Service or Inspection 2

Our Full Service, also known as a “Major Service or Inspection 2” covers everything in the Engine Service as well as a Vehicle Check and Pre-MOT Check.

Is our Full Service for you? Read on for more details on what’s included in the Full Service.

This means that when you decide to have our Full Service you will still receive the full package included in the Engine Service which consists of a change of all the filters (oil, air, fuel and pollen) as well as an oil change (Castrol Edge 5W-30 Fully Synthetic) and spark plugs (if a petrol car). Our Engine Service also includes a computer reset (turning off the lights on the dashboard), brake fluid check and coolant (anti-freeze) check as well as a basic visual check of the braking system.

Not only that but when you have our Full Service you will also receive a full Engine Flush, Petrol/Diesel Treatment and on top of this we will also; check the CV Gaiters, Check the Handbrake, Suspension Check, Door Hinge Check, ABS Check, Airbag Check, Battery Life Check as well as all of the inspection criteria of Inspection 2.

Within our Full Service Package we also connect the car to our Specific DIS Diagnostics Machine and pinpoint any and all faults with the car and provide a discounted quote for each problem.

When is a Full Service needed?

When you need our Full Service is dependent on the vehicle’s engine and the mileage. We normally recommend conducting our Full Service every 12,000 to 14,000 miles; however in older or larger diesel cars the maintenance should be performed more frequently. The modern cars generally require less maintenance because these cars have more electronic components; however, it is always safest to ensure that your car is regularly maintained.


The price for our Full Service is £275 and we normally recommend the car stays with us for the entire day, however, it normally takes 4-6 hours.


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